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Essential Information on Photography

As mentioned elsewhere in our website, photography consists of lot of items and features, some of them major and very important, whilst others are minor or trivial. However, none of them can be ignored if the photos have to be extremely good. The different genres of photography had been listed under the sub-section ‘Types of Photographers’ in the section ‘Identifying UK Photographers’ in this website. Let us get familiar with the other fundamentals of photography before you try to discuss or understand the specialities in photographic work.

Photographic Equipment

Apart from camera, the most basic equipment of photography, the other photographic equipments include the photo film, filters, lenses, flash, tripods, darkroom, enlargers, lights, developer solutions, photo printing papers, etc. Cameras can be either still cameras or digital video cameras.

Photographic Technical Terms

Some of the technical terms that you should understand and get familiar with are angle of view, depth of field, focus, focal length, exposure, multiple exposure, film speed, shutter speed, aperture, colour temperature and zone system.

Photography Techniques

The photography techniques are somewhat complicated matter and require lot of training and understanding. Anyhow, here is a list of the common techniques in photography for your general knowledge. They are cross processing, digiscoping, time lapse, tilt shift, infrared, ultraviolet, stereoscopy, rollout, push printing, panning, night effect, sun printing, panoramic, Sabatier effect, print toning, etc.

Photographic Composition

Composing a photograph is another technical subject that includes the study and analysis of the photo geometry and symmetry, the art of framing, the rule of thirds, lead room, simplicity, etc. This will also cover the colour management aspects like primary colours, secondary colours, colour space, RGB, CMYK, etc.

Learning and mastering all the above items and techniques takes lot of time, effort and money. Engaging a photographer who is qualified and experienced is the easy way out to get the best photos for any occasion or event. You can talk to us to find out the right photographers in your area and we will help you all the way.

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