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Identifying UK Photographers

In the United Kingdom, the qualifying body for all professional photographers is the British Institute of Professional Photography or BIPP. The institute trains, qualifies and supports all types of photographers. More than 3,500 photographers are registered with BIPP, including full-time and part-time photographers. Another professional body, known as The Association of Photographers or AOP, also assists photographers in marketing their business, advising them on copyrights, managing their finance and other professional problems.

Qualified and accredited photographers approach the work in a professional manner. The training and experience received by them hone their skills to higher levels, resulting in much better output than unqualified or non-professional photographers do. Further, photographers registered with the BIPP are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct published by the institute. Hence, they act in a completely professional manner and comply with all the laws and regulations related to photography. Even if there are any specific grievances against any of them, you can always make a complaint either with the BIPP or AOP and suitable action will definitely be taken.

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