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Tel. 01209200664

Cladaro Barn, East End
Redruth, TR15 2EL

Business Type:
Professional Photographer

Business Details
This business provides services to
Businesses; Charities; Consumers; Education; Local Government; NHS
Detailed Business Description
Our standard range of products and services include:

• Weddings – We can tailor a wedding package to your requirements and budget

• Portraits- Individuals, groups, teams, pets, animals etc.

• Other “Life-Events” Christenings, Engagements, Birthday Celebrations, Graduations

• Commercial Photography - buildings, products, processes, publicity shots

• Event Photography-KernowPhoto can cover a range of events either on behalf of event organisers/sponsors or on behalf of individuals. This can include Shows, public events, award ceremonies and the like

• Landscape/Iconic Photos of Cornwall - Choose from our large stock or commission your own unique photograph. Photos can be produced in a range of sizes and on a variety of media as required.
What makes this business unique:
Professional friendly service.

KernowPhoto exclusively uses digital image capture and processing. This ensures that you get the best available quality without expensive film and processing costs.

There are no costly re-print fees EVER.

Whenever you commission you\\\'ll receive quality images in digital format (in addition to prints if appropriate), which yopu can have reproduced by the company of your choice.

You only pay once for each commission - we think that’s only fair.